Manual vs. Automatic Job Approval


Gengo offers customers two ways to approve jobs:

1) Manual approval

Your customer will have ~ 120 hours (5 days) to approve, request corrections or reject your job.  If the customer takes no action after the review time has passed, your job will be automatically approved. 

  • During this time, we strongly recommend you to keep an eye on your email inbox and be ready to respond to any comments of revision requests from the customer. 
  • Remember: if you fail to provide revisions within 24 hours your job will expire and it will go back to the queue.  
  • In the case of jobs that have an Edit (Second Pass) stage, the countdown starts a little bit later: the job will be auto-approved 120 hours after the second translator has submitted the final translation to the customer. 



2) Automatic Approval

Our high volume API customers usually don't have the time to review jobs one by one so we offer them the possibility to automatically approve jobs. Jobs that are set to "automatic approval" will go directly to your "Completed jobs" tab upon submission and the rewards will be added to your account.



Why hasn't my job been approved?

  1. We haven't received your translation. Please check that the job isn't in your Incomplete jobs section. If you don't remember the job ID, you can look for it in your inbox. If we received it there will be confirmation of your submission via email notification.

  2. The customer approval period has not yet passed.


My job is still pending review after 120 hours. What happened?

Some corporate customers with very large volume have a custom longer period to review their translations. This is the case for example of TripAdvisor, who has 168 hours (7 days). If you are still unsure, please let us know.



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