Gengo vs traditional agencies


How is your approach different to traditional agencies?


Crowdsourcing: We have a large pool (20,000+) of tested and native translators. This model cuts overhead and unnecessary transactions, greatly reducing cost. Our processes for expanding the pool also give us the advantage of elasticity and ability to meet demand even at scale.

API: Our API allows anyone to manage our human translation like it was machine translation. The advantage? Simply efficiency and reliability. Instead of exchanging e-mails and attachments, our API enables you to order, track and manage thousands of jobs straight from your CMS. 



What are the benefits of Gengo vs traditional options?


There are a couple of key differences that arise from our use of API and crowdsourcing:


Convenience and reliability: The API integration takes a number of time-consuming, tedious and error-prone steps out of the client’s workflow.

Shorter lead-time: A large translator pool distributed over all time zones cuts down average response and delivery times. 

Scalability: Regardless of our partner's long-term needs, Gengo is flexible and scalable enough to grow with it.



I’m used to working with just one translator. Why is it better to use a pool of translators? 


Gengo is flexible between the extremes — you can work with anywhere between two and two thousand translators. We work with large translator groups to provide high scale and high speed, but also allow regular customers to use preferred translators to ensure that they get the consistency and style that they need.



Inherently lower cost


Can I really trust a translation service that is so low cost?


For years people have been paying for translation services from expensive experts. This means (most of the time) you get an excellent result that costs a lot of money. We decided to offer customers something a little bit different.


Gengo specializes in doing simple, short texts rather than long, complex documents in specialist subjects. So we don't charge you for that expertise that you don't need, meaning you can get the real value of a translation (i.e. accurate meaning) for far less.


We think our service is more than good enough for most applications - and we test our translators to ensure that we are as good or better than other agencies out there. We stand by this by letting you reject a translation and get a full refund if you are not satisfied with the results.



What if I need a translation of specialized content?


We can help you with that too! We have a team of talented linguists, with unique knowledge and experience in their specific industry sectors, who can deliver complex, sensitive and technical projects (such as legal texts). You can learn more and contact our elite project managers here.


However, we do not recommend Gengo for safety-critical uses and can recommend one of our partners who specialise in these types of texts. Read our Quality Policy for more information.

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