Creating a list of preferred translators


After you approve a translation, you will see the Feedback form. If you liked the quality of the translation, you can add the translator to your Preferred list from there (see picture below).




You can also visit your Manage preferred translators page at any time by clicking on the link at the top of your dashboard (shown below). 




If you click on "Other Candidates", you can see all the translators who previously worked on your jobs and add them to your "Preferred" list simply by clicking the "+" button. 




Please note that if a translator is qualified in more than one level or language pair, you can add them by individual language pair and/or level. In the example above, Translator #3617 would be in our preferred list for Standard level English>German jobs, but not for Pro/Advanced level jobs. 



Giving your preferred translator team priority access


If you would like one of your preferred translators to do your translation, scroll down to the "Optional fields" at the last step on the order form.


Then select "Use preferred translators for each language." Please note that you must have at least two preferred translators in the language pair and level of your order to use this feature. For example, let's say you want to order a Standard Level English to Spanish translation. You must have at least two Standard Level English to Spanish translators on your list. If you want to order an Advanced Level Japanese to Chinese translation, you'll need to have at least two Advanced Level Japanese to Chinese translators. 




You will get better consistency in your translations by using this feature, but please remember that it may increase the time required to complete your job, as it depends on the availability of the translators added to your list.


Translators are notified when they are added to your Preferred Translator List, and when there is a job specifically reserved for them. 



Asking Support to enable the Default Preferred Translator option


If you really like using the preferred pool and don't want to worry about forgetting to select the preferred translator option while ordering, you can make this your default choice, meaning that every order that you place will be assigned to preferred translators. Again, you must have at least two preferred translators in the same language pair and level of your order for this feature to work.


If you don’t want to use preferred translators for a particular order, you will still be free to manually deselect this option on the order form, or remove it from the job page later on.


Our Support team or your designated contact can enable the Default Preferred Translator feature for you on our end. Of course, they can also disable this for you at any time.

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