PDF or Word Document

The problem:

You've uploaded a PDF document to the online order form, but the price says $0.00 and you can't proceed with your order.


A common cause:

Are you trying to upload an image or scanned PDF? We currently don't support these types of image-based PDF files. In order to continue with your order, you will need to upload a text-based PDF file (a text-based PDF will allow you to highlight and select the text within your document). If your file is an image, you may need to look into OCR (text recognition) software or figure out a way to extract the text from the images. 

Learn more about our supported file formats here.


Triple brackets

We have seen frequent cases where unclosed triple brackets causes order errors. If our system detects any missing brackets like this [[[ ]] you won't be able to proceed with your order. To resolved this, simply re-check your document and make sure ALL triple brackets are closed. 

.TXT files

You have a Japanese .txt file, but when you upload it to our online order form, the word count shows 0 and you're not able to move forward. 

This probably means you need to save your document in UTF-8 format. Once you save in this format, you will be able to upload and complete your order. If it still doesn't work, send your file to support@gengo.com and we'll help you out.  


For all other errors please be sure to open up a support request attaching your text or file.

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