Can I order multiple jobs at once?


Yes, if you have multiple files or bits of text you would like translated, you can order these at the same time via the order form. Simply click below your text, where it says "To add more, click and type, or Upload Files." 



If I place multiple orders, does one translator work on all of them?


By default, we allow a team of translators to work on multiple jobs, as this provides a very fast turnaround. However, on some occasions you may wish to have one translator work on a group of jobs for consistency. We have a feature called Group Jobs, but this is currently only available for direct text input orders.


This is not available for file orders (we're working on it!). In the meantime, one workaround is to simply combine your files into one to get them translated by the same translator. 



How do I create a Grouped Order?


The option to group an order is at the last step of the ordering process. First, enter your multiple texts:




Then, select your Languages and Quality Level, and scroll down to the optional fields. Select "Use one translator for each language":





When should I group my order?


We recommend using a team of translators when:


  • You have a high volume of text-heavy content such as blog posts or news articles
  • Each job you are ordering is not closely related to the others
  • Example: 100 news articles about various subjects


We recommend using just one translator when:


  • Consistency, not turnaround time, is your main concern
  • Your texts are short and highly related to one another
  • Example: 100 short snippets of text from an iPhone app interface such as "Menu," "Go forward," "Go back," etc.


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