No, we recommend you use our simple order form. This allows you to order translation via the web and manage translations through a secure interface.

When should I use the API?

The API makes it efficient to translate high volume text, text stored in a database, text that is updated regularly, or text managed within an administration system or other application.

You should use the API if it is important for your company to get translation regularly and you want to improve efficiency, reduce cost, and speed up your workflow.

To connect to the API, you will either need to be a developer (use our documentation and free code libraries) or have access to a developer team. Gengo can provide assistance creating API implementations for larger organizations. If in doubt, get in touch.

Do I need to be a developer to use the API?

Usually. Gengo provides free plugins and libraries to make it easy to plug the API into your application. However you need to be reasonably familiar with code principles to use these tools.

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