As a person who loves Arabic culture, I hope Arabic is fluent. Therefore, to urge me to learn Arabic by myself, I need to often add a sentence to this forum so that I can learn with everyone.

We welcome friends who are proficient in Arabic to provide suggestions

Today we learn a passage from Chinese cultural celebrity Confucius

قال الأستاذ كونفوشيوس :
ألا يرضيك أن تتعلم مع ممارسة دائمة؟
ألا يسرك أن يجيئك الأصدقاء من الأقطار النائية؟
أ لست برجل كامل الخلق إن لم تكتئب ولو جهل الناس قدرك؟


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    The Arabic paragraph means:Confucius said: Is it not pleasant to learn from time to time? Have friends come from a far place? People don't know u but u are not stunned, aren't you a gentleman?