Hi, dears! I have recently passed the standard test, but so far I have not received any jobs.I don't know why.Do you have any idea?Thanks in advance.


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    M. Yahia Morsy

    Welcome Mr Mostafa, and congratulations on passing the test.
    Yes, we don't see enough jobs on gengo dashboard these days, just wait and keep checking your dashboard frequently and you'll find some
    Good luck, and welcome to the team.

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    Permanently deleted user

    Thanks a lot Mr Yahia for your clarification.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @mrmostafaoumaha -- welcome to Gengo!

    If I may add, Gengo is a first-come, first-served platform. This means that, whenever a customer places an order, it becomes available to all eligible translators at the same time for pick up; whoever is online picks up the job. As a result, most jobs get picked up within minutes, if not seconds, and don't usually linger on the dashboard. 

    If you are only checking your dashboard occasionally throughout the day, it's normal for you not to see jobs, as in order for this to happen you would have to load your dashboard at the exact same moment a customer places an order. We do understand, however, that nobody has time to refresh the dashboard manually again and again, and this is why we generally recommend the use of an RSS feed reader. 

    An RSS feed reader is a tool that will check your dashboard for you and send you a notification whenever it detects a new available job. For best results, you should set up your RSS feed reader to intervals of 30 to 60 seconds. Any longer than that won't produce accurate results.
    If you're interested in giving an RSS feed reader a go, you can read more about how to install and set up one here.
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    I'm from a different language pair (I sort all posts by most recent activity so I can read everything, and wound up here like that), but I find it's harder to get jobs on Gengo than before right now. Everyone is home due to the coronavirus and picking up jobs a lot faster. I don't think I've ever had so many jobs taken from under my nose at the last second (although it always happens to some extent). If you're not careful and using your RSS you probably won't even notice jobs at all before they're gone. There's no doubt that there are in fact jobs coming in, though.

    In the long term, you will probably see more when lockdowns and stuff clear up around the world.