so, I just received a 1/5 rating from a customer for a job. They didn't leave any written feedback.

I take great pride in my work and do it diligently, therefore I was quite shocked, especially given the absolute lack of constructive feedback. I feel like it's almost insulting customers can give such a poor rating without at least justifying it. So far I have only received great customer ratings, lovely feedback and no GoCheck score below 9.6.

Now, I am aware the job in question will be reviewed by a Language Specialist since it's below 3/5. I have no doubts it will return a good result, as I adhered to the customer instructions and did thorough proofreading before submitting it. However, how is this whole situation handled? Do I receive the review in form of a GoCheck? Will this customer rating further affect my work here at Gengo? Or is it effectively meaningless if the Specialist review is good?

Thank you for clarifying.

E: The test came back with a perfect score, so I would really like to have further confirmation that this customer “feedback” won’t negatively impact me in any other way.


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    I only rarely get constructive feedback with customer ratings. Some customers use the feedback system to rate your translation/performance as a whole, and others use it to rate their overall experience using Gengo. For example, I once accepted one of two related jobs a customer uploaded, but judging from the comments left to me while working, it seemed that they were having disagreements with the other translator, and the other translator proceeded to drop the translation, which seemed to frustrate the customer beyond belief (whatever happened, they must have been having a hard time). There were no problems on my end, and the translation was fine, but I got a 1/5; the review came back fine too.

    I have not experienced any negative consequences from poor customer feedback (that I can tell, anyway). Most customers have their own idea of that the scores mean, so I actually do not pay much attention to them anymore. If the feedback is good, then all is fine; if it's poor, I usually have no way of knowing why, so it is senseless to worry about it unless there is some oversight on my part (I am human, after all). Sometimes the poor feedback is entirely erroneous, such as the rare occasions when customers critique the translation despite not having a full understanding of the target language. Most of the time the GoCheck reviews come back very good.


    I think as long as the GoCheck is fine, and there are no outstanding problems with the way you dealt with the customer (I believe we are required to treat clients professionally in accordance with our agreement with Gengo), then you should be fine in my experience.

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    Thank you for your reply! It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one and that this customer feedback suppossedly has no further consequences as long as the delivered translation was in fact good as per GoCheck. That's really my only concern. I haven't interacted with the customer as there were no mistakes in the source text or any unclear instructions/wording, so it certainly shouldn't be that either. You raise a good point though; I know the customer had uploaded various other jobs – so perhaps my rating was actually intended for another translator after all.

    A comment from Gengo to clarify any potential consequences would still be much appreciated, regardless.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @AdriW - thanks for this! Like @collinmradford explained, as long as your GoCheck comes our fine and your job meets our quality expectations, the customer feedback will not affect your score or your ability to work with us :) I do understand that negative customer feedback is disappointing (I was a translator for Gengo myself for 3 years!) and we make it a point to communicate to the customers that they should only be evaluating the quality of the translation in said feedback (not the experience overall, or any other potential issues). However, we can't really control their opinion. If you're confident that nothing has happened that you're at fault for, and that you've done your best in your translation, then you shouldn't worry about it! 

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    Hi Lara,

    That's great to know! Thank you very much for clearing this up :)