Hi Guys,

I passed the standard test last year and for since two months for the first time since joining I actually found sometime to work on translations (English to Hindi pair) and these are helping me fund my studies. I clocked in acess of $150 worth of translations in the last two months but since then the jobs have been very low paying just dimes and cents.

I have been procrastinating about giving the pro test for sometime. I wanted to know if passing pro test in anyway means more and stable work and do they pay better ?

It'd be great if you guys share your experiences.



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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Satyam,

    Thanks for bringing this up :)

    Passing the Pro test gives you access to higher paying jobs in the Pro tier, and also to Edit jobs (where you'd be proofreading a job previously translated by someone else). We see a fair amount of Pro volume coming through your language pair, so passing the test would definitely expand the amount of work that you have access to.

    Hope this helps,