During the last weeks I have sent a re-review request for Romanian and 2 support tickets about missing action on it. The re-review request was sent according to all rules and within the 30-days limit, but it's already more than 2 weeks and I still haven't got any response. I have also submitted a Support request on this issue, and I got an answer that the issue will be forwarded to the relevant team. After 5 days I added to that ticket one more answer that I still haven't got any response. And 3 days after that I have noticed the Support ticket has just disappeared (the link is not working any more).

I have tried 2 more times to send Support tickets and I just don't get any action, basically I don't get a Support ticket number on my e-mail, so looks I'm just writing in vain. Anyone else having the same troubles with re-review and support?


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    Rica Tero

    Hi @dennise. Thank you for sharing your concern in the forum.

    I moved your post to the community channel as it was more suitable here. We apologize for the delay of the response for your support tickets.

    According to the quality team, a previous re-review has been completed for the job ID you are inquiring about with the support team. We can only process a re-review once per job ID. So the re-review request sent on 1/14/2024 was marked as not processed. If you believe the result of the request is not satisfactory, you can still dispute it. There is more information below which you can find in this resource article.

    Re-review requests will only be processed once. If you receive the re-review results and you have compelling evidence to suggest that an error should have been removed and has not been, please email GengoQualityTeam@lionbridge.com within one week, using ‘Job ID#___________’ in the subject line, and include the following information in your message:

    1. The section of the source text containing the error that you are disputing

    2. The corresponding section of the translation

    3. Proof and precise explanation (max 100 words in English)

    The Quality Team will review the information you provided and respond with an answer within 12 days (via the email address !YOKmbxGengoQualityTeam@lionbridge.com). However, please note that sending an email to the Quality Team will not necessarily change the outcome of the situation.

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    Hi Rica,

    Thanks for your interest in this issue.

    Oh, you are correct, it took so long that I forgot it was actually the answer to the re-review request. But I just followed the instructions that I got in the reply message after the "Check feedback" button, namely: If you want to submit a re-review request, please fill out the re-review form

    However, what are the means for a translator to get an adequate re-review by a different person, that is based on reputable sources and so on? Why are re-review requirements applicable only to the translator, but not the reviewer? I mean, the translator has to provide links to reputable sources and arguments, and has only 1000 chars to provide all info including links, which can be really long and leave not much space for additional explanations, and the reviewer can freely answer whatever he likes, including just "that's my point and I have 20 years of experience" (I got such an answer once) and has no char limit for his answer.

    What are my fair means to make a notice to Gengo that the reviewer is unprofessional and biased? Just reconcile and give up?

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    Rica Tero

    Hi Dennise.
    I will share this all with the quality team. Thank you.

    If you believe that the LS is still wrong or didn't clearly explain it to you, you may email the quality team (along with the resources). The instructions are above. Although it is not necessarily going to change the outcome, I'm sure they will look into it. If you are having trouble or didn't get any response after the timeline stated, you can message me at v-Rica.Tero@lionbridge.com.

    Edit. About the character limit, we could not do anything about it. It would be best to be brief and comprehensive when explaining your case. What is important is to have resources to back it up. 😊

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