As I've seen other people mention, when a job a collection has too many collections, the interface becomes progressively slower the more collections you load (I would imagine each translator's CPU performance does play a part in this, but it has happened to me on two different computers alread). Load enough collections, and it becomes so slow that each key press takes a few seconds to load; you could write an entire sentence, move your hands away from the keyboard, and it won't display until a few seconds later.

The workaround I came up with is, once the interface becomes too slow, I will use the Empty filter to only display the jobs I have yet to translate, hiding hundreds of previous jobs so that they don't hinder CPU performance. However, today I ran into one of those situations in which there is no reason why things shouldn't work, and yet they don't work. Using the Empty filter will somehow disable the auto-save feature. No matter how many jobs I complete, the job counter will not move. They're not being saved. If I try to reload or close the tab, the browser will display an alert warning that content might not be saved, which never happens under normal circumstances. 

I can only be somewhat thankful that I realized the auto-save wasn't working after completing just 5 jobs using the Empty filter, but I've also already spent quite a few hours translating almost 500 (correctly saved) collections, and I've yet to translate about 1,400 more (huge job). I will submit a ticket in regards to this issue, of course, but I wanted to check with the community to see if anyone else had ran into this issue and if they had any solutions or workarounds. The interface is already becoming slow at 500 loaded jobs, so getting to 1,888 will render it almost impossible to work with and make this job unnecessarily take even more hours than it already will.


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    I've run into the same issues before using a very good PC and internet connexion. As a result, I've stopped doing these jobs.

    The only solution I can think of is to ask Gengo to let you complete and submit the job using an external file (e.g. .xlsx)

    Since it is Gengo's fault (they offer you that job in those technical conditions) + it is wasting your time (to unreasonable levels) + there is a solution (an easy one that would fix the issue), Gengo ought/is liable to provide it.

    (If still a bit too slow on external file, divide external file in parts and reassemble once done) 

    If they refuse that solution, ask to be paid for what you have done so far (a judge would even order them to pay damages for all the time wasted), and cancel the job (if so you wish).