There have been so many comments and feedback regarding the Captcha feature that was implemented months ago. And while only ticking the Captcha box worked fine, lately I’ve been requested to complete up to FIVE Captcha games to grab a job hahaha - and I’m laughing because when I completed them it’s beyond obvious such job has been picked up by another fellow translator so my efforts aren’t worth it. I’m sharing my experience on the Community forum because I’ve seen I’m not the only one going through this.

I'm not familiar with how Captcha actually works, but is there any other way this could be easier for us translators? I mean - even completing such Captcha games after getting the job. Text box or the gray file download button could be ‘frozen’ - or kind of, in order to be able to start working on the translation.

Thoughts on this?


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    You can always do the captcha on any job you don't want in order to check or update your status. You don't have to accept the job. Just do the captcha to check that your authorization is still ongoing (tick only/no images), and if it is not, then update it that way.

    Our captcha authorization is saved/cached, but is automatically reset after some time (every X months?) for renewed security. Emptying browser cache may also reset the authorization. IP change may also have the same effect. So every time you empty your cache or connect to a new internet network, make sure your captcha is still valid using the above "workaround".

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    I ought to knock on wood, because I usually get away with only ticking the box. However, there is yet another downside to these Captchas (I’ve yet to see an upside myself – I'm still not certain whether they were an answer to a problem that ever existed in actual reality, certainly not in my language pair): the mark the zebra crossings / traffic lights / bikes puzzle appears when Captcha starts suspecting me to be a bot, i.e. when I work fast.

    Now, we all know how certain clients divide their translations into a hundred tiny jobs – at best one sentence, at worst one word – that have to be accepted individually. Obviously they don't take long to translate, and after a while the puzzles begin. To go through such hoops to earn $0.15 is many things. You can insert your own adjective or participle here, but irritating, time-consuming and demoralising are the ones I would choose first.