Hi everybody,

I recently received my first Payoneer card. The terms and conditions were not included with the card and I can't find anything clear on their website.
Could you tell me what the advantages are of using the card to withdraw money rather than transferring to a bank account (apart from the immediate availability of funds)? Are there any withdrawal fees or other charges? Can I use the card for in-store purchases and what are the fees in this case?

Thanks in advance!


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    Hi Logos,

    I have been a Payoneer user since 2008. Right now I only use their services to make transfers to my local bank account since they charge several fees for either purchasing or withdrawing money. The last time I used an ATM, I paid USD 15.54 for every USD 300.00 (the maximum allowed by that ATM).

    You can make purchases at Amazon or AliExpress and they won't charge any fee. However, if you use it in your country they will make a conversion to your local currency at Mastercard rates. You can get an idea of the rates here

    Here's an image of a recent withdrawal.

    I only paid a 2% fee and received my money the same day. You can check your fees here

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks, Patti; this helps a lot!

    Could you also answer my second question (copied below) about the Payoneer card that I posted this morning?

    I've just read this on Payoneer's website:

    "If you signed up to Payoneer via one of our enterprise clients, such as Airbnb or Upwork, you probably have a standalone card product. In this case, all payments you receive land instantly on your prepaid card, where you can access your funds at ATMs and points-of-sale, or by withdrawing to your bank account. Additionally, you may have an associated virtual balance where your funds are held once your prepaid card reaches its limit. For this account type, all funds automatically land on your card and you don’t have a Payoneer account balance."

    Is it true that I won't be able to choose where the funds will land and that they will be automatically on my card (I haven't activated it yet)?

    If there are Payoneer card users here , please share your experience as I will have to decide tomorrow if I activate my card this month or not.