Gengo currently has a cached period of 60 seconds, and likewise, RSS feed readers are only allowed to place one request every 60 seconds. 

With the introduction of "instant notifications," I hope Gengo can review this "60-second" rule so that the effective speed of accessing new jobs for translators relying on manual refresh or RSS feed readers can be more reasonably in line with that of translators utilizing the instant notifications feature. Reducing the 60 seconds to 5 or even 10 seconds will be nice.

As things stand, RSS feed readers and manual refresh have become completely useless in the face of instant notifications, a feature with its fair share of drawbacks.


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    Speaking about instant notification, they should've included job volume information with it, so I can decide whether I need to act on it because it is a job with considerable reward, or simply do nothing because it worth just a few cent. (which constitute a bulk of the jobs in my language pair).

    They used to did this before so I don't see any reason why they decided to leave that information out.

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    I believe before that, Gengo platform should at least work decently. It doesn't change much to reduce the interval when Gengo page hangs when trying to load the page.

    For example, I've just lost a US$ 36 job because the page takes forever to load. And that's been like that for these last weeks.