Hello everyone!


In the Brazilian Portuguese group every time there are many jobs I notice some half done jobs with just the most simple sentences translated. This practice leaves a half job with only the most complex sentences, usually highly idiomatic and time demanding. The translator who takes the job is not going to take advantage of the simpler sentences and while he is translating these jobs, other simpler jobs are being taken in the same fashion and it is going to repeat on and on.


Would it be interesting to have a penalty for this kind of behavior? For example: if the translator does not send at least 80% of the translation he/she will not be able to pick up another job for at least one hour.


I guess it would not hurt the speed we work, maybe even improve it,  and would avoid a few people taking advantage of simpler sentences like they are doing now.

Does it sound like a good thing?


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    I was on the lucky side recently, picking a $500+ Pro collection, half of which turned out to be completed by someone else. I'm not sure why the other translator had declined. The quality of the work looked good enough to me and the part that still needed tranlation was similar in content and degree of difficulty, except for 1% or so for which I asked clarification from the customer. Perhaps the other translator was put off by these few issues. That would mean this regime to discourage partial translations worked out in the exact opposite direction.

    Anyway, I felt a bit guilty receiving $250+ for basically somebody else's work. In my eyes, this guy or girl had not been "cherry picking", and the rule should have been less harsh in this case.

    As one possible alternative, I suggest that if you leave X percent untranslated, you get paid for 100 - 2X percent. So if you complete 90%, you still get paid for 80%. The next translator, who completes the remaining part, would get paid double (e.g., do 10% and get paid for 20%), which makes sense since this is apparently the hardest part of the collection.

    In the collection I hit on, only 50% was translated so the rewards according to this rule would still have been 100 - 2x50 = 0 for the other translator and 100% for me, but I guess that knowing that every word translated beyond the first 50% literally pays off, works as an encouragement to try and complete at least 60, 70, or 80 percent. And in my experience, when you have come that far, it's just a small step to tackle the final few remaining issues and complete the entire collection after all.