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I am a quite new and young English-German translator looking for a way to really improve and grow with what I am doing. Plus I want to try for the Advanced-Level once. Are there any good books you know about, which deal with that topic? I am grateful for any suggestion!

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    carla m.

    Hello Elias, and welcome to Gengo!

    Well, there are many books you can find on the net, just searching for "translation theory and practice" and the like, or browsing university MA courses on translation. Then you have to practice, practice, practice :-), translate anything you like (for yourself), read as much as you can in your own language and in your source language. There is something new to learn every day, and with time you will also develop a kind of sixth sense as to what is right and what is wrong. Obviously, it would be great to spend a lot of time in a country where they speak the source language (English in this case) and get an in-depth knowledge of habits, slang, sayings, etc.

    While you wait for other peolpe here at Gengo to offer their advice you should also have a look at this:



    HTH :-)