Hi all,

I recently signed up here and was hoping to be able to take the KR->EN tests, which are currently unavailable.

Do you know if this is because there is just relatively little work in that language pair on Gengo compared to the other languages (for example, you are not getting many jobs), or do you feel Gengo is fairly well balanced in terms of translators and work for KR->EN translations?

I merely ask as it would give me a better idea of the likelihood that I will be able to take the test soon/even want to take the test.

Thank you for your time


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    Hi emerson,

    I suppose EN > KR pro test is also turned off up to now.

    Even so, have you read below article? ↓  I don't know practically, but I think this would work further. BTW I haven't make any application, cause KR  jobs are usually standard!! , aren't they?


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    Hi nugunya,

    Thank you for the link -  I had registered there, and yes, I think you are correct in saying that is the best way to be notified of when they are looking for additional translators. I saw that they say they offer KR->EN, so I thought some of those translators might know if people are currently using Gengo for KR->EN, or if that language pair is less common here.