I noticed something strange - it has happened twice now. Even the first time I found it somewhat weird. I took a job in the form of an Excel file. In the comments section I saw that a translator had asked the customer to send the job back for revision as the translator had uploaded the wrong file. The customer sent the job back as asked, and then the translator exceeded the allotted time of 24 hours without uploading the correct file. I repeat, this happened twice, and I checked: it was the same translator.



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    Rica Tero

    Hi @Heyke,

    Thanks for sharing this in the forum. I will look into it. I will message you personally to ask some details so I can investigate it more efficiently. Thank you. 😊

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    carla m.

    Let's get rid of these people.

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    Mae RP

    Perhaps it's time to install a button that allows us to extend the deadline in a "legal" way and so we won't have to resort to these tricks (not that I did it, mind you). The problem I see is that, if the platform crashes (which happens very often) or you need to ask the client or the technical team something, the time keeps ticking and, if you don't get an answer in time, you lose the job for reasons that are out of your control.

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    I saw the same pattern today - same translator. Allotted time exceeded in the end. It's not good for keeping customers.