Somehwere in between half a cent and a cent for post-editing and not even 3 cents for a standard translation just because "Dear family" has been pre-translated - really?


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    Facundo Martin Pallero

    3 cents should be the standard for post-editing. And that's assuming a machine translation good enough to do 700 words/hour...

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    Editing used to be 0,018, but now we are seeing a lot of jobs at 0,007 and today I even saw 0,006 in English to German. I don't see how that is justified.

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    It isn't justified and it cannot reasonably be justified. In my language pair (EN>FR), that kind of things started with the ongoing Catawiki project about classic cars and motorbikes. Lately, I have seen more and more jobs from this project paid close to $0.01c/word or even below. They are rarely paid more than $0.02c/w. As you guys know, this is supposed to be due to the pre-translations input by the TM and the MT. To be fair, in some cases, the TMs end up being correct after a while and that indeed saves us some time. BUT it is far from being the majority of the time. I find myself spending more time editing some terrible TM/MT than it would take me to do the translation myself altogether. Besides, another problem is that the people writing these vehicle descriptions oftentimes have a rather broken English. That's not necessarily a problem in itself as I can almost always make sense of it, but the MT absolutely cannot and produces a completely non-sensical ouput that is still somehow dubbed to be above 90% accurate by Gengo's system and therefore paid peanuts. I report some of those inaccurate segments but still keep on seeing the same stuff all the time, because in all fairness, if you had to report them all, it'd take a ridiculous amount of time that I'd rather spend working and making (some) money. I'd be curious to know how Gengo calculate that percentage of "accuracy" by the MT because it is way off more often than not and serves as an excuse for all those unjustified discounts. In any case, asking us to work eight hours solid for barely $50 is not ok by any stretch. Heck, I'd make more working at McDonald's!

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    On top of it, the reviews seem to be getting stricter all the time, to a point, where I don't want to risk my good rating by editing a long machine-translated text for 0,008 USD per word (not even a cent!). It might be true that I don't have to type so much in such a case, but typing doesn't even bother me. I still have to read the text and think about it, and the longer the text the higher the risk of getting a bad review for some whimsical rule that isn't even in a style guide and can change from collection to collection, reviewer to reviewer. 

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    Ha! In my language pair, there are currently four jobs that pay 0.00 per word. It's not the first time either.

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    Mae RP

    Lately it is a miracle if any job beyond a few cents shows up. The regular clients have disappeared or send just a couple of words for translation when they used to send jobs for $20 or more. So either we still have the problem of job-stealing bots (which Gengo has already proven they don't care about, as they have been saying since the beginning of the year that they are "looking at it" and, if so, they are the most inept technical team on the planet) or, more likely, everyone is using the AI machine translations that are taking jobs away from all of us. I hope Gengo keeps making money on that, because they are ruining us.