This is my first post on the forums, so I apologize if I selected the wrong category. I noticed Rica helping many people with different issues here, so I'm reaching out to see if I could request some assistance as well.

Late last month, I received a number of low review scores late at night (my time, in Japan) for Japanese to English translations:

Nov 29th, 11:09 p.m.: 0.98 score
Nov 29th, 11:54 p.m.: 1.38 score
Nov 30th, 12:46 a.m.: 5.09 score

This obviously concerned me, so I requested a re-review request for the 1.38 score at 3:41 a.m. on the 30th. I do wish to consider a re-review for the other scores as well, but I felt it would be best to begin with the review that is easiest to check: the customer had specific spelling instructions, but in the review, these particular spellings were marked as errors. (I’m happy to share more but do want to be mindful of the Translator Agreement.) I believe the reviewer simply missed the instructions, which is understandable, but I do believe this should be corrected.

After I sent this re-review request, my translation qualifications were revoked at 8:02 a.m on November 30th.

Then tonight, about an hour ago, I received the following message in response to my re-review request:

"I'm writing to inform you that we're unable to process your request for the following reason(s):

Failure to follow the instructions. The support article states that in the event that you lost your qualifications, you are entitled to submit a re-review request only for the last reviewed job which triggered the revocation. Unfortunately, this is not your last reviewed job."

The link in the message is to the following article:

I believe the relevant passage is the following:

"You can request a re-review of any GoCheck review you disagree with within 30 days of receiving it, provided that you continue to hold qualifications in the relevant language pair. In the event that you lost your qualifications as the immediate result of a single GoCheck review, you are entitled to submit a re-review request only for the last reviewed job which triggered the revocation.

For earlier jobs, unfortunately this right is revoked along with your qualifications. This is because we believe you will have plenty of time to express your dissatisfaction with any of the earlier reviews that you received before your qualifications were revoked, meaning that we assume that through not taking action immediately after receiving these reviews, you fully accepted the consequences of them."

I’d like to ask for help with two issues here:

1.    I submitted my re-review request before my qualifications were revoked, so I wish for the assessment that I did not follow directions when I submitted the re-review request to be reconsidered. I also wish for other translators who submit re-review requests before qualifications are revoked to receive the same consideration.

2.    As I received three reviews consecutively at 11:09 p.m., 11:54 p.m., and 12:46 a.m., and my qualifications were revoked at 8:02 a.m., I wish for the assessment that I have had “plenty of time to express (my) dissatisfaction with any of the earlier reviews that you received before (my) qualifications were revoked” to be reconsidered. I do understand the general purpose of this rule and agree that it is in everyone’s benefit to submit re-review requests as promptly as possible, but I believe this should be reconsidered when several reviews are posted within the space of a couple of hours, especially when it is overnight for the translator.

To make sure I'm not leaving anything out, I had a total review score of, I believe, 9.1 until late last month, when I received a 3.52 score on November 23rd and scores in the 6-range on November 25th and 27th. I also understand that the reviewer doesn't assign scores but only marks what they consider to be errors and that there may be automated systems involved in the ovreall process.

I apologize for the long message, but I would appreciate any help with my case and for anyone else in similar situations.

Thank you!


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    Rica Tero

    Hi Jonathan!

    Thank you for sharing your concern here in the forum. No worries about the category. You can share your inquiry/issue on the topic you deemed it is appropriate. Regarding this issue, I will look into it with the Quality team. I will message you personally with an update about this issue. If you have any other concerns related to this, you can email me at v-Rica.Tero@lionbridge.com. :)

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    Hi Rica,

    Thanks for the assistance. Generally speaking, I don’t have any issues with the overall process or its guidelines, but this particular issue with multiple reviews in a short span seems like it could affect other translators as well, so I do hope that there could be some considerations when such a situation arises.

    Thanks again!

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    Rica Tero

    Hi Jonathan,

    I will share this sentiment with the team. Thank you for sharing this. :)

    I would like to share to everyone some informative articles about the GoCheck system, re-review, and the translator's overall score. 

    As a company, we want to provide our clients with Gengo-quality standard jobs, so it is crucial to maintain scores above seven (7). If you received a GoCheck score below it and know there was a mistake, please immediately submit a re-review request. Just kindly follow the instructions to avoid inconvenience or rejection. :)

    Re-review requests will take a little time before they reflect on the system. If you receive multiple low scores GoChecks, kindly send re-review requests for all the jobs you know were mistaken, especially the last reviewed job. 

    We understand that receiving consecutive GoChecks in a day which resulted in your qualifications being revoked, will give you a limited chance to contest your other reviewed jobs. However, the overall score will not drastically decrease to five (5) due to two or three low GoChecks, unless these scores are close to or below 1. Again the premise here is your current score is 7 or above.

    If you have more questions about this topic, you can share them in this form or message the support team. 


    Regards// Rica

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    Hi Rica,

    Thank you so much for looking into everything and for your kind e-mail. The links you included above are also quite helpful.

    In particular, thanks for shedding some light on the fact that re-review requests take a little time before the reflect on the system. It is surprising to learn that this could, in some cases, lead to re-review requests being recorded as received after qualifications have been revoked, even when they were submitted several hours before then. 

    If it's okay with you, I'd like to double check on a couple of general issues that may affect other translators.

    First, if you don't mind me asking, are there any plans to rework the "failure to follow the instructions" message? It seems quite unfortunate that the current system could cause people to receive messages that they failed to follow instructions when they actually did but a system issue beyond their control made it appear otherwise. Even if a system-level change in the near future is difficult, a more complete explanation in the message might help solve a lot of confusion for other translators in the future.

    Also, to help everyone for future reference, when there is a case of multiple very low reviews (close to or below 1, as you mentioned) posting at the same time and an immediate revoking of qualifications, what is the appropriate timeline for requesting one or more re-reviews if the translator feels it is necessary?

    Thanks again for all of your assistance! I know a lot of these system issues are far beyond any of our control, but it's very helpful to understand how they work in order to help everyone work as comfortably and professionally as possible.

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    Rica Tero

    Hi @jonathan! Sorry for the late response. 

    There's no plan to change the message for now, but I will pass this sentiment on to the team. About the timeline, the quality team didn't specify any period, but again, only the last reviewed job will qualify for it. Although, I think it will be better to submit it earlier.
    Thanks again for sharing your concerns here. 😊

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    Hi Rica,

    No need at all to apologize--thanks so much for taking the time to follow up! I know there’s a lot of other stuff going on, so I’m very thankful for your help over here as well.

    Thanks also for passing on the sentiment about the message and the re-review timing issue. I imagine system changes to have re-reviews show up faster are likely quite difficult, but an update to the message might help in the meantime!

    If you don't mind an additional follow-up about the period to submit for a re-review, earlier you wrote that, "If you receive multiple low scores GoChecks, kindly send re-review requests for all the jobs you know were mistaken, especially the last reviewed job," and now that, “again, only the last reviewed job will qualify for it." (My apologies if I missed any important context here--I just had a little bit of trouble following!)

    Would you mind clarifying the timing to submit a re-review when multiple reviews drop at the same time (such as within an hour or two) and it has an impact on qualifications? I imagine it wouldn't be the usual 30 days, but might it be 24 hours or something shorter?

    Everything seems pretty straightforward when it's the last review that triggers a loss in qualifications (taking into account, of course, the total sum of other reviews up to that point as well), but if the last review happens to be (comparatively) higher and it was actually another review an hour or two before that has a big effect on the reviewer's score (and if the reviewer wishes to have it re-reviewed), the timing to request a re-review for that one seems a bit fuzzier.

    I understand the quality team didn't specify a period, but if you wouldn't mind inquiring about this point, it would be quite helpful for me and for any other reviewers who might have a similar situation in the future. I don't know quite how often multiple reviews drop at the same time, but it certainly seems possible that it could happen again.

    Thanks again for all of your help--I really appreciate it!

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    Hi there.

    I am a little concerned about reviews too. I find them a useful tool to learn from errors.
    However, sometimes they don't consider the difficulty of translating a real job in real time and, very often, without customer 's answers or replies to questions.
    That's an additional all new issue: what should I do of an answer that comes in after the job has been already submitted?
    I always try and do my best, however this mechanism of review should be somewhat balanced by other weights...

    And the rereview and interaction with reviewer made a little easier and less "bureaucratic"?

    That said, I perfectly understand the sense of it.


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    Hello Rica.

    What is score threshold for the qualifications to be revoked?
    Maybe I could find this information somewhere else, however I would appreciate your answer and related explanation here.

    Kind regards and Thank you,