I have been trying to do the test needed to start as a translator, unsuccessfully. I'm a native Spanish speaker, with a C1 English, B2 French, B1 German and fluent non-certified Italian. It seems there's no need for another translator for these languages (if not the case I would ask the moderator which combination of these ones is). Beyond my current knowledge of these languages, I'd like to know which other language combination are currently needed in Gengo.

Thank you very much beforehand!


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    Rica Tero

    Hi @Androdalmazzo! :)

    Thank you for sharing your question/concern here in the forum. I've asked the team about this. They suggested these language pairs: 

    • German to English (British)
    • Spanish (Spain) to English (British)
    • Italian to English (British) 

    There are differences between US and UK English, but I know you can learn it. You can also try French to German. Remember to take its Pro-level tests, too, if they're open. 

    We are also sharing language pairs open for testing in our newsletter, so please check this out too. <3