I've come across a line in the job I'm working on that I can't figure out. I've asked the customer about it, but since there's no telling when or if they might reply, I thought I'd try asking here as well. The line is:


The parts I don't get are 「あおる」 and 「あび」. I suppose it is likely correct to assume that 「あおる」 here means "to fan a flame," but I'm really clueless about 「あび」. Apparently there is a type of bird called "abi," but I don't think that's it... People don't eat "red-throated loons," do they? I wonder if it might just be the name of a restaurant, in which case I guess only the customer could tell me. But if anyone here can shed some light on this, I would greatly appreciate it!



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    Hello janalisa,

    I researched it on the Internet and found this in the search results: https://item.rakuten.co.jp/senkyakumenrai/sp-57/

    Apparently, this is the source.  It says here that " "あび”という一風変わった店名は、ビートルズの名盤「アビーロード」に由来している。店主の洒落っ気がのぞく楽しい店である。".

    I hope this helps.


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    Hi ikoeriha,

    Yes, that definitely helps! Thanks a lot! Apparently "Abi" is the name of the restaurant. I should have tried searching for the whole sentence... I was too focused on trying to figure out that one word.

    My translation, in case anyone is curious:

    The moment vegetables are put into an iron pan with lard, they catch flame. The ancient technique of flame fanning adds aroma to create the taste of “Abi.”