Because no matter how hard you try to prove that you aren't wrong with many supporting proof and evidence from the official language association, they wouldn't listen to you and change their mind at all.

I can give you some examples of what they did wrong.
- First, this is what the reviewer exactly said: (the translator firstly translated "relaxation" as "안정", but now changed it to "편안함". This sounds very contradictory)
And you know what? 안정 equals 편안함 because 안정 means 'to become mentally or physically 편안함'.

- Second, They said: ("Relaxation"은 "안정"이 아닌 "휴식"을 의미합니다 which is that Relaxation only means break, not something like that you do to stop feeling nervous, worried, etc.). In the korean dictionary, 휴식 means just having some break time while working or doing something. the job was about introducing how you sleep well at night with a hypnotherapy. Therefore, for the job, it's rather close to 안정, which is something that you do to stop feeling nervous, worried, than 휴식. So you can finally sleep well at night.

- and Third, that's what I've posted in the community. I hope these are enough for you to understand what the situation is.

They firstly say I chose the wrong word to translate. So I've proved it isn't with lots of examples and evidences from the Korean formal institutes. After that, they secondly say that it's grammatically wrong sentence. So again, I've proved it isn't wrong with many supporting evidences. And again, They insist that I chose the wrong word again. But I can say no more as there is no third opportunity to speak. Even though I proved that there were no problems to choose that words in the first re-review request, They keep insisting that I was wrong, and it feel likes they know I can't do further requests so just ignore me saying that it's the final decision and I must follow the fact. I want to ask what the point to request the re-review when they keep repeating the same questions again and again without accepting the fact that they were wrong this time. It affects my scorecard, and it might result in losing my qualification. Then How can I be okay to sit here hearing that there will be no further action and I will me marked as wrong?


and this is the email I got today.

even if I get still considerable scores, that doens't mean they can mark our job as flawed where there aren't flaws. Good cannot be Bad. And if the team would say that 'it's still just a little minor to affect your score, so don't take it seriously.', Then why would they ask us to be perfect and apply the feedback on our next job with better knowledges? Then I can say, 'Well, It's just a minor I don't need to give customers a perfect translation and nobody shouldn't care about the minor mistakes'. That sounds nonsense, right?

So now, what's the point to make the re-review request when the LSs won't accept it?


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    Katrina Paterson

    Hi William, 

    I believe I have already explained our position in as much detail as possible in the email that I sent to you yesterday, which is screenshotted above, so I will not repeat myself here. However, I would like to emphasise as a general point to anybody else that may be reading that after a certain point, we cannot continue to investigate the same GoCheck review. The job that you mention received a first and second re-review, after which you were in contact with the Quality team and then directly with me. I have tried to help as much as is possible, and to explain how our quality control process works and what its limitations are. These are also set out in our help article titled 'What is a re-review request and how do I submit one?', and we update this frequently to make sure that it provides as clear a guidance as possible. 

    We do try to consider every situation but we also do ask that translators accept our judgments as final, for the operational reasons that are set out in the above support article - our team is small, we are managing a large pool of translators, and we need to be able to spread ourselves as widely as possible so that we are able to provide help and assistance to all of the translators who need us.

    I hope that we have made the situation clear.

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    First, small team doens't mean they are allowed to make mistakes and to not accept the truth that they are wrong.

    Second, you say they just consider every situation not accepting the truth at all and ask us to accpet their decision as final. But then why wouldn't we also have the right to just 'consider' the judgement not accepting it? Am I living in North Korea now?

    Third, I won't mention this problem agian. Because after all my effort to make them see and hear me seriously, I realized that nothing would be changed. would say giving up

    Fouth, I don't blame you at all.

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