Hi everyone,


Some days ago I received an email saying that there is an upcoming job that is based on answering customer support tickets for a US-based IT company. Should one be interested in the project, they had to fill the survey sent through email. I followed the steps and registered my interest.


Is this project legit? Is there any additional info about it?


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    Katrina Paterson

    Hi isfurlan, thanks for asking about this project and filling in the survey.

    At the moment there is no additional information about the project, above and beyond what was written in the email, but to recap: this is a project that we have been approached about but that has not gone ahead yet. At this stage, we are trying to work out how many people would be interested in working on it and what our overall availability would be, so that we can feed this information back to the client and they can use this to help them to evaluate how they wish to manage their project. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but if there are any updates then we will be back in contact. I hope this helps put your mind at ease!

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    Hi All! 

    Since I haven't received any update on this project for a fair few months now, I was wondering if this project is still in the works or if there is any update you could share with us if this will still potentially happen or not. :) 

    Thanks for letting me know! 

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