Have you been recently penalised for invisible "extra spaces" after a full stop at the end of a segment?

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    As no-one else seems to have been affected by "unfair revisions" by the LSs in the ES-ENGB pair, where it seems to be no limits for marking "whatever they feel like, as errors", just to emphasise their "power" and show who is the boss at Gengo, I assume that I’ve been the "privileged" one that has been used as "test-bed" to evaluate my resistance and also Gengo's permissibility regarding the LSs' continuos unjustifiable "wrong reviews" (my case).

    Among the numerous words/phrases that had been marked as errors in the last months: "double space" (nonexistent), "too literal" (sometimes is the only option), "sounds odd" (although several dictionaries give the same option), etc., and the last one, (one of the 4), "extra spaces" after a full stop at the end of a segment.

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