Hello, I am Spanish, do I need anything taxwise to work for Gengo? My idea is working as an "autónomo", which is the name for the selfemployed category in Spain, but, because I am just starting and the autonomo fee is high, I wanted to gain some experiencie with Gengo without being "autónomo" (and paying the fee). Is that possible? 






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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Jorge, 

    While at Gengo we cannot enforce local rules applying to different countries, it is your responsibility as a self employed individual / independent contractor to comply with the local law in the country that you are joining us from. From Gengo, we can't in good faith advice that you break such rules. Please also do bear in mind that these forums are public.

    Hope this helps,


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    Thanks for your reply Lara. No, I don´t want to break any rules. That´s why I was asking. Yes, it makes sense, it is my responsability not yours... I don´t why I thought Gengo or the company one works for would have anything to do with that. I am learning all this...

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