Today's email says "Average pick up times raised from under one hour to 86 minutes." Wow, really? What language pair is so happy? The En>Ru jobs disappear in seconds!


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    about interest in the choose really like to traslate inglish to spanish some I can do for hours

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    Heike S.

    Isn't the email always about your own language pair? Mine doesn't say anything about pick-up times, it only shows the spread of orders across the day.

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    It was the other type of emails, this email was about November updates

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    Lara Fernandez

    @doker - That is correct, this information was on the November community newsletter :) Please do note that this is not language pair specific, but an average among all language pairs on Gengo. While some language pairs, like yours, are highly competitive, we do struggle a bit more with pick up times in other smaller language pairs where work influx is more irregular :) 

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    Hello @doker and @Lara,

    Yes, I also find that the "average pick-up time" indicated in the November newsletter is very misleading. It's my guess that a vast majority of jobs are picked up in seconds and only the odd few will be left unattended for days, leading to a meaningless average value.

    For example,

    99 jobs picked up in 1 second + 1 job picked up in 24x60x60 seconds (1day). Average = 14 1/2 min. 

    If the next month, the odd job remains unattended for 36 hours, you would get an average of 22 1/2 min. Wow, big increase but in fact, it's just the odd job getting in the way.

    Instead, I would be interested to know what is the median pick-up time, and I'm sure that would be much more significant (1 s in the above example in both cases).



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