Hi everybody,

I thought the following might be relevant for many of you, especially if you are currently in the 180 day waiting period to be able to retake the Pro test (if this is your case, you may skip the next two paragraphs;-) )

For everyone else, just to have you on the same page: Whenever Pro level testing is open for a language pair and you are qualified (by holdling a Standard qualification or having passed the Pre-Test with 5/5), you have 3 opportunities to take it, with a waiting period of 3 days in-between the trials. Since the evaluation of the test is very strict (and sometimes debatable), only a limited percentage of candidates pass it, it is not unlikely that you fail 3 times in a row.

What's next? The answer seems clear at first. According to the FAQ, "If you fail the test three times, you'll need to wait six months to get another three chances.". And actually, on the Tests tab, you will find a message telling you that you can try it again in x days, where x is a number that counts down from 180 to 0. So whenever you want, you can check how many days are left and look forward to another three challenges.

When the counter reaches 0, the message is replaced by the regular "Take the Pro test to have access to Pro jobs in this pair." and a green Start button.

To my surprise, when I click on that button, all I get is a message that says: "Access denied. You don't have permission to access this part of the site.".

Gengo's support told me that this is because there are no more tests available for EN>DE, and I "already did them all". So, the way they put it, it seemed like it was not a matter of merely not admitting new candidates at the moment, but that there aren't even any more sample texts loaded into the system... so there is no way I could do the test since you are supposed to always get a new text to translate.

They also said the "Access denied" message was "probably due to a visual glitch" and that I should look at the beginning of each month because that's when specific language pairs are usually opened for testing (i.e. the same they would tell totally new candidates). I answered them that this is not what I would call a "visual glitch", but a serious flaw in the logic of the process.

The idea that you can potentially upgrade to an almost professional rate may "help" translators to accept the low Standard rate for a while, and the apparently well-structured process with its cool-down periods is a nice touch, but when this counter turns out to be totally meaningless, you just feel taken for a ride. I hope this will be fixed.

In the meantime, fellow Standard translators: Beware of the "visual glitch" and know what you are in for!!



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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Rup75,

    Thanks for bringing this up :) 

    I have just checked with our Quality Team and they've let me know that there are 4 Pro tests in your language pair, so technically you should still be able to take one. As such, I have followed up with one of our technical support agents so they can check what's happening, as it looks like a bug or glitch may be preventing you from accessing this test. I'll stay on top of this and provide any updates when I know more. 

    Please do note that we do have a finite amount of tests per language pair, so regardless of whether there are any remaining "attempts", these are always subject to test availability first. 

    In the specific case you're experiencing, because there's more tests available than tests you've taken, I am inclined to believe there's a technical issue. 

    Will update soon :)


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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Rup75,

    I believe someone from Support has been in touch already, but just to give an update here and ease concerns regarding this topic, if any.

    It seems like what you experience was a bug or glitch and the Engineering team is currently looking into it, as the 6 months would be up on November 14th, so it's still a few days early for you to take the test, hence why you're getting the "Access denied" message. It looks like the "Start test" green button became available too soon, and we apologize for that. We'll make sure this gets fixed! In the meanwhile, if you could please attempt the test again on November 15th (just to be sure) and report what you encounter, that'd be great! :)

    Thanks so much,


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    Dear Lara, 

    Thank you for stepping in. Everything seems to work normal now!

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