I know about the Open Data website and have enjoyed the weekly overview newsletter, but I'd like to know if it's possible to access some of our own stats such as:

  • Number of customers who chose us as Preferred Translators;
  • Customer feedback scores;
  • How many jobs we've done for each different customer;
  • Which subjects we've translated the most about;
  • Average turnaround time

...and so on. Am I missing something? Do I really have to track this info manually (going through nearly 5k completed jobs one by one)? Is there an easier way?

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for sharing this feedback and request! :) 

    At the moment we're unable to display this information for each individual translator, but we'll definitely keep it in mind for future improvements regarding the metrics that we show. I'd love to be able to implement something like this on your dashboard at some point so all your information is clearly visible in one place.

    Please keep the suggestions coming.


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