Hello. I am a Japanese to English Pro translator and have been on Gengo for about a year.

I have translated quite a large amount of work in the past year and can't help but notice that the deadlines for Pro jobs are sometimes a bit too short.

I saw this thread (https://support.gengo.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/223519347-How-are-deadlines-calculated-) and realized it's based on the unit count.

I have mostly managed to complete my jobs within the deadlines, but I sometimes feel a bit too pressured to complete Pro jobs in a short time frame.

Pro jobs are generally (but not always) harder and more complex than Standard jobs and require more research as well as a much longer time to proofread, for me at least. Often times, we may also need more time to ask the customers about some terms which we need more context on.

I believe most Pro translators would feel the same, especially because we want to provide the best possible translation and service to customers that place translation orders at a premium price.

I understand that gengo can't just make abrupt changes overnight, but I have 2 suggestions to improve on this model.

1. Let customers choose between the normal timeframe or longer timeframe (and maybe another option for urgent jobs with a percentage increase in price, which does appear on my feed sometimes), explaining that it is better to let translators take their time to provide better quality translation.

2. Calculate the deadline based on the price instead of the unit count. This is realistic as many translators work on the basis of pay per hour instead of pay per units/words as the time required for translations often varies based on the complexity of content.


Just some thoughts and suggestions. I am sure the more seasoned translators here have better opinions on this subject.

This is my first time posting in the Community section and I want to just thank the gengo support team for their quick and helpful response to my support tickets.

gengo is not the first crowdsourced translation website I have worked with, but definitely the best I have seen so far. 

Please keep up the good work!

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    Hello Jonathan,

    I agree with everything you said.

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