Hi, is there any way to know the actual text formatting on text windows of the smartphone workbench? I have been using my smartphones for smaller collections for years, and I have noticed some padding texts are shown differently among my phones. It's rather important when it comes to line breaks for paragraph marks. Though many blank lines are easily revealed by changing orientations, some aren't. I got 8.54 review for the hidden one today and I eventually noticed that!!


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    Hi nugunya,

    I did have the same problem as you, but I found a way to get around that problem. First just translate as usual. When you want to check, on your browser, click setting and you should see "desktop size"/"show desktop" or anything similar to it (this works even on gmail browser). You can check your spacing, paragraph, punctuation etc... If you want to edit, either use this display size (which makes the workbench very hard to see) or switch back to normal size. But honestly, I recommend switching to pc/desktop. It's much more efficient that way.

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    Thank you for your comment!

    It does actually work on my phone too and that really can be useful to some extent ^^


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