So I have a friend who is the director of his own translation and online tutoring limited company in the UK. As the only employee of the company, being the director, he is thinking of becoming a Gengo translator for extra income. However, he asked me for an insight regarding a question in his mind: He needs to tax the earnings of his company and he has to do that by invoicing the customer served. Could he, as a freelancer/independent contractor on Gengo, receive his Gengo rewards/earnings to his business account and simply just create an invoice for the amount he received? To me, it sounds pretty feasible but I just wanted to hear from someone who knows how this would work. Can anyone give me some information please? Thank you!


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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Emre, 

    As long as your friend is the sole employee of said company, meaning he wouldn't be sharing his Gengo account with others, he would effectively be operating as an independent contractor with us :) 

    Hope this helps,


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    Emre Yapar

    Hi Lara, thank you for your swift reply! 😇

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