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Just recently I noticed some issue with the "Deflated HTML tags" (To avoid confusion we “deflate” HTML tags into shorter numbered tags. For example, <strong>HeIllo</strong> becomes {1}Hello{/1}). Although this makes it simpler and easier to read, the attributes of those tags left with only numbers become hard to be distinguished and the numbers are quite misleading, too.


For example, this is a job I came across recently: {1}If you’re ..., you’ll be ... to{2}...{3}and ...{4}when you ... for{5}...{6}.{7}

In my language, it's quite common to reverse the order with English sentences structured like "... when..." and "... if...". Therefore, when translating a sentence like the one above, the order of tags would inevitably be changed to keep those tags with their original context. However, because of the "deflated HTML tags" system, it becomes so easy for translators to just keep all tags in the ordered number from 1 to 2 to 3, etc. instead of moving the tags with their original context to different positions. And that could become a serious issue when the client rendering it unto their website with the tags attached to the wrong context. In addition, in the case of the above example sentence, it's so hard for me to distinguish the code pair because there's no <start tag> and an </end tag>


I hope my description makes my point clear regarding this issue. And if anyone has any suggestions or thoughts on this, please kindly share it here. Thanks.


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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @Bonnie - thanks for this super insightful feedback on deflated HTML tags. I will be passing it along to our Product team for review!

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    @ Lara: Thank you! :) 

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