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To Translators residing in Japan: What's your prefered payout method?

I recently opened a PayPal Japan account and linked it to my Shinsei Bank account. For some obscure reason PayPal only allows "Business Accounts"  to be linked to Shinsei. It seems other banks are eligible for "Personal Accounts," but not Shinsei?

I still haven't requested a payout because I fear PayPal's gonna charge another 3~6% for incoming USD instead of the fixed 1.5% for personal accounts.

Has anyone tried Payoneer in Japan? What are its fees like?

What about PayPal?

Any pointers would be much appreciated. Thank you & Stay safe! :D

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    I use paypal and actually have it sent to my Canadian bank account; it's just easier to pay bills and my Canadian credit card. I have a payoneer account, but I have yet to use it.

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