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Correct me if I'm wrong. As I know, translators in Gengo have no other way to communicate our disagreement with the reviewers' correction & suggestion except filing a re-review request once per job collection. However, when the language pair has only 2 to 3 reviewers, the chance of getting back the similar feedback and score is not small. Actually, that's what I'm just experiencing recently. Any disagreement after the re-review is neglected, and we translators can only bare with that final result.


When the reviewer makes the wrong correction either due to their ignoring of clients' instruction/comment, or simply due to their own misunderstanding, who will review that and give them a score as they give us? Although the article on this subject said that when a reviewer is frequently found wrong by different translators after the re-reviews, there will be some consequences enforced by Gengo, I didn't see any change after suffering repeatedly the same issues in a short period of time... 


Besides, I really think the GoCheck system shouldn't just emphasize on how many errors are found within a translation. Shouldn't that the overall quality of translation also be counted for? Especially, to my own experiences, most of the so-called errors are not errors (wrong translation) at all, but just different from the reviewer's personal interpretation preferences. Those should be counted as suggestions, but never be errors. For instance, for a marketing-oriented collection, the emphasis of translation should be more on the fluency and creativity; for an App UI collection, the emphasis should be on keeping it brief and accurate for the space limit. However, I got some reviews asking me to keep the consistency that obviously makes the sentence lengthy and redundant. And for this sake, now I must be extra careful about choosing words preferred by the reviewers or better fitted for the attribute of the job itself. 


And lastly, it's very obvious that in my language pair EN to TW (I don't know about others for sure), some reviewers (maybe just one) are/is rather forgiving, while some super strict to the StyleGuide regardless of the whole context and overall attribute of the job, and still others just so keen to their personal interpretation/preferences. While the reviewers hold different criteria, how could the GoCheck score reveal the fair rating on the quality of a translation? 


I understand that no system can be perfect and cover everyone's needs and preferences. So I really hope that Gengo can provide some way for translators to voice their feedback on a review obviously containing wrong errors marked even after a re-review, to another team supervising the GoCheck system and the reviewers. After all, the review system's goal is to guard the translation quality, not to become a stumbling stone to discourage and make translators' efforts void simply with a disgraceful score and non-negotiable correction. I acknowledge that there is/are indeed reviewer(s) doing their job well and providing positive suggestions/corrections to help us improve, and I appreciate that. However, the negative experiences are just much more, especially recently, and that's very depressing. I don't like to make re-review one after the other, which I think not only wasting the time of translators but also the other reviewers who need to take the extra re-reviews besides their regular review workload.   


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    UPDATE: I know the factors to trigger reviews besides the random basis. However, within just one month, I got 5 reviews that pull down my GoCheck Score from 9.7 to 8.4!! I didn't get any low feedback from the clients during this period, not to say any rejected job. And I can swear I never lessen my efforts committed in each job throughout this year in Gengo. So I really don't know why with the same quality delivered, the review scores just suddenly dropped down so severely!?    

    To avoid any possibility of prejudice, I would suggest that translator ID should be hidden from the reviewer just like theirs are hidden from us to show fairness of each review result.

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    Is there anyway for a translator with a not-so-good baseline score (4.1) to improve his/her score after regaining translator status back without feeling like he/she's stepping on a landmine every time he/she submits a job?

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