It's been a week since I here and I wasn't able to catch any job yet. In fact I only saw very few of them last week and they were instantly claimed by other translators. Is it a common situation here or it's only temporary due to covid situation? And if it's a lack of tasks in that language pair why are you hiring then?


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    Hi jackal14131, my language pair is English → Portuguese. I'm with the same problem, last month I translated more than 3000 words in my language pair, but I don't know why, in this month the situation is very different, the jobs appear in my RSS but 1 minute late, so it is almost impossible for me to catch a job. And Gengo it is still hiring people for my language pair, very disappointed.

    P.S: I write an email to the Gengo support team two days ago about this situation, and they didn't answer me yet :(

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    Hi everyone! The same problem here. My language pair is English → Russian. In February and March the situation was completely different, I was able to catch some jobs during the day but now it is impossible to get any. Jackal14131, please, tell me, when did you pass your test? Are you from Lionbridge? In my account it is said that the tests in English → Russian pair are closed. I suppose that this "instantly disappearing jobs" issue is connected to the fact that in April too many job seekers had been accepted as new translators.

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    Same here! Did you get any answer from Gengo Support Leonardo?

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