As stated in the title, do Gengo translators have to stamp, certify, or notarize translated materials?

I am asking because I was recently asked by a customer to "stamp and certify" the translated material.

It's an interesting request which I did not see coming.

I tried going though community posts and FAQs but wasn't able to find a clear yes-or-no answer.

Does anyone in the Translator Community have an answer to this, or did anyone have a similar experience?

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Young Hwan Choi,

    Gengo translators do not have a stamp, and are not able to certify or notarize official legal translations.
    If a customer makes such request, please let them know that you can't fulfill their request, and please redirect them to email support@gengo.com so they can help them cancel their order and receive a refund.

    Certified and notarized translations can only be provided by actual certified or sworn translators specialized in legal translation and law, who have been accredited and authorized to translate official documents. Requirements for certified translations may vary from country to country.


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