Just heard the customer rejected the job saying his colleague thought it was done by Google Translate. I went over the job and still can't figure out what parts of it sounded like a machine translation. The source text was about the technology and the finance. I've done many of similar translations before and did enough researches and checking to accurately translate the contents. I've reviewed it several times to avoid errors. It hurts more because it took more than enough time and effort.

A while ago, I have experienced another rejection. It was because of the one term the customer didn't like. The funny thing was that it was not the term I used. I have good amount of experience and expertise on that specific subject matter so I provided the strong translation. However, the editor of the job thought differently and changed that term. It was not the wrong term, but what I used was the better term. The client didn't like that specific term and rejected the whole job. I've spent few hours and submitted the right translation, but it was rejected due to that one term the editor changed. I tried to appeal to the support team but there was nothing they could do.   

They are currently reviewing the job that was rejected today. I don't know what is going to happen and I don't want to blame the customer or the Gengo review system for any result. It is just that I feel so passive and helpless in this work relationship. I've been working with Gengo for several years now and still have an affection for it. However, recently with these incidents, I just don't know how to deal with these frustrations. Please share your know-how on these matters.     


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