I wanted to ask about the apparent fall-off in the amount of Jpn-Eng jobs. I'm not sure if it's because I check in less and less, but I can't even remember the last pro job I saw available (other than a problematic one that was hanging around the last few days).

I started an almost identical thread to this in May 2017 and got a very helpful and informative response about it being due to the business/academic cycle in Japan. But the flow of work seems to be even worse this year.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi JapanZone,

    Thanks for bringing this up!

    As you mentioned, there's a certain level of job volume fluctuation throughout the year, and that is to be expected. Just to be sure, I have double checked and found out that the amount of units translated in your language pair has not only not been decreasing over time, but it has actually increased over the years. Now, of course, how those units are distributed may change -- it's very possible that we're seeing more units in less (and bigger) jobs at this specific point in time. There's also the possibility of dormant translators who've become reactivated and started working again, and the fact that a few months ago tests for your language pair were open to new applicants as well.

    I also saw that you reached out via Support and discussed your RSS Feed Reader. It may be a good idea to perhaps try a different RSS Feed Reader as well and compare the amount of notifications you receive (this may bring up any issues in your current settings, or with the reader itself, that could then be passed on to the developers for feedback, etc)

    Hope this helps!

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