It has been asked in this forum some years ago, and the justification for not offering it was that Gengo was considering other payment options. Now that Bitcoin (and crypto in general) are far more mature and still seeing growing adoption by individuals and institutions alike, what are your thoughts on Bitcoin?


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    Staffan Johansson

    I agree. There are several mature and serious platforms that could be used for this. Fiat payment platforms are slow and expensive. To convert my Gengo payouts to crypto, I need to first payout to PayPal, and then send it to a bank account and after that to a crypto exchange. It takes several days! Or use Betarian, who take a massive fee. Consider checking out https://www.myconstant.com/payment-gateway for example. It's cheap, fast and you can transfer to either fiat or crypto seamlessly. Please consider this!

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    N. P.

    Any news on this? Paypal and Payoneer being the only available options in regards to payouts is a major bummer as they are incredibly expensive.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi all - at the moment we're not considering payment in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. We'll keep your feedback in mind :)

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