Hello, I have received a comment from a customer on a reviewable job. He or she wants me to translate something else that is not in the original text. That person also wants me to check another short text there. Should I translate it or not?


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    This sounds to me like a very strange request. If I understand correctly, the customer is asking you to do more work for no additional compensation, whilst basically holding the original job hostage through the review system. I'm pretty sure that this goes against Gengo guidelines, so I would alert Gengo support if I were you.

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    had this happen to me a few weeks back. Gengo support really helped out on this one and were able to push through the translation without any issues.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @alexxis.aaps11,

    Thanks for bringing this up! 

    As per our Translator Agreement, you should never provide a translation in the comments, especially if it's for text that is not in the original source, as we do not have a way to pay you for that. You should also not check additional materials for the customer, even if it's a short text.

    If you feel like the customer will understand, you can always reply letting them know in the comments that as per the Gengo Translator Agreement, you are unable to do extra work via comments, as you won't receive compensation for it. If you feel like the customer will not understand and things may get difficult, or if they insist that you do the work, please do not hesitate to contact our Support team for assistance. They'll be happy to help.



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    Thank you all very much for your prompt response!

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