Welcome to Gengo!

Thank you for your interest in translating for Gengo. 

For this project, you will be translating user-generated social media posts. As with any user-generated content, you may occasionally encounter slang or explicit language—please note that this should be translated as closely as possible to the source text.

[9/18 update] We're currently hiring for the following language pairs to take part in this project:

  • Serbian>English
  • English>Assamese
  • English>Azerbaijani
  • English>Gusii
  • English>Iloko
  • English>Kachin
  • English>Kamba
  • English>Kalenjin
  • English>Tigrinya
  • English>Pidgin
  • Norwegian>English
  • Polish>English

***IMPORTANT*** Before starting the project or taking our translator test, it's very important that you read and understand the translation guidelines. Please make sure that you read the project guidelines here before you take the test, and come back to them whenever you need to while you work on the project.


In order to become a translator, you'll need to sign up with us and take a multiple choice test in your language pair. The test will include both questions on the above project guidelines and test your proficiency in both languages. 


Please feel free to comment below or email support@gengo.com if you have any questions or need technical assistance.


Looking forward to having you join our ever-growing community!


—Gengo Community Manager


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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Herve,

    The answer to that question is twofold:

    - There is no technical limitations to the number of language pairs you can qualify for (meaning, the platform can support it)

    - However, in order to ensure that you deliver high quality translations, you should only be translating into your native language, from a source language that you are highly qualified to understand as well. Meaning, you should work only on language pairs where you are truly bilingual, and with your native language as the target. 

    Hope this helps,


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