I am a French translator for Gengo and I have noticed (recently) that the job queue was being eaten out really fast despite the huge number of jobs available. 

It's like there are numerous translators working on it. For example, when I finish a job, there are 30 or more of the same word amount which have been done in the same period!

I am just curious about how come? Are there so many translators? Or is there a program working on the list as well? 

Or am I just working too slowly? (which I don't think, lol). 

Thank you for your help and/or shared opinion :)


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    Hello Jean,

    According to Gengo's Open Data (https://gengo.com/open-data/capacity.html), there are 132 "active" translators in the EN->FR pair, so I guess that it is quite normal that 30 translations are being carried out simultaneously on the platform at any given time.


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