I want to upload file for translation using this method http://api.sandbox.gengo.com/v2/translate/service/quote/file

During request creation I was using this guide: https://developers.gengo.com/v2/api_methods/service/#quote-files-post  and I did exactly what's written in this guide.

Here is my JSON for parameter ‘data’: “{"jobs":{"job_1":{"type":"file","lc_src":"en","lc_tgt":"ja","tier":"standard","file_path":"file_job_1"}}}

But, in the response of this request I am receiving this error message:


    "opstat": "error",

    "err": {

        "code": 400,

        "msg": "Bad Request"



Please help me, what is wrong with my request?

I am using .NET and it would be great if someone can share working example, not necessary .NET, it can be clean HTTP, or cURL.  Or, at least just explain me what is wrong with my request

For detailed information please see screenshots of Fiddler

Raw view:

WebForms view:


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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @almostdj,

    My apologies for the late reply.

    Has your problem been resolved? If not, please feel free to reach out directly to support@gengo.com, as they'll be better equipped to assist you with technical issues.



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    Hello Lara
    Thank You for your comment!

    Unfortunately my problem hasn't been solved. I have this open ticket (#179578) since Friday

    I still hasn't got any reasonable answer or solution for this problem

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @almostdj,

    Thanks for getting back to me! Let me take a look at your ticket and ping the team in charge. 

    My apologies once again for the delay - thank you for your patience!


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