I've been doing CW jobs at Gengo for years now, and the Workbench is still extremely buggy. I've emailed support a couple times but it's not getting any better, so I wonder, am I the only one that is getting errors like this? 


These are not even languages in my language pairs (except English), but I assume they mean the same. I get different ones as well, and sometimes 3 or 4 pop ups (in different languages) overlap and I have to click them all before I can continue working. I also get constant connection errors and 'could not save' errors. The workbench also tends to respond slower and slower as jobs gets bigger, but this might be due to my pc? 




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    No, you are not the only one. 15 minutes ago:

    Also, I often get "Error 503: Service Unavailable" when loading a dashboard or a collection.


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    Hi everyone,

    I have the same issue. Always refresh the page and proofread before submitting a job since the latest changes aren't always taken into account!

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    The issues mentioned and many more of the kind going on for months. It is impossible to work in peace, as one has to be refreshing the page every 2-3 minutes. Although this is not the first time that translators point at the issue, it seems that those in charge of fixing the problem are not aware of the importance of solving it.


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    Bobby Knuckles

    It's been especially bad today. Apart from the site being extremely slow, I'm talking about 30-50 error pop-ups per collection and having to redo a bunch of work because it does not save. 

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    I am experiencing the same problems as described in the first post here. The pop ups have been appearing every now and then ever since I signed up for Gengo (mostly in Japanese, which is not in my language pair), but lately it has been getting much worse. Today it's almost impossible to do any work at all. The same thing applies to the "could not save" errors and the problem where the counter at the bottom right still shows 43/45 or 44/45 after you've finished the last job in a collection (making it impossible to submit the collection in question, as the "submit" button remains inactive when there are still unfinished jobs left).

    I have encountered the problem I mentioned last a few times before, but not nearly as often as the past few days. When I contacted customer support about this several months ago, they gave me the advice to go back to the first job and start there with adding a space after each and every string of text in the collection (while waiting for the system to save my work after each added space). This is somewhat tedious, but it does work. But now that the site is much slower and unresponsive than usual, the tediousness becomes extreme. Saving any string of text now takes at least 10 seconds and sometimes more than a minute, and in the meantime I keep getting the pop ups and errors every few minutes.

    I just spent more than 2 extra hours on a collection I already finished because I had to go back and wrestle through the process I just described.


    (I should add that all these problems are distinctly different from the problems we had last year with the general slowness of the workbench.)

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