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    As a translator, I've seen jobs come up 24/7, even on Christmas Day!

    So, to the best of my knowledge, jobs come up whenever a client posts one, and Gengo wouldn't hold onto them anyway, because it's in their best interest to get the work done promptly for the client.

    I'm not sure what language pair you work in, but I'm sure quantity and frequency of jobs varies wildly among various pairs. Perhaps your pair is less active on the weekend, and other translators snap up the jobs before you even see them? For my pair, I often have better luck grabbing small jobs on the weekend, perhaps because other translators are away from their computers.

    Good luck!


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    Rahul Sharma


    Thanks for replying Keven

    I have joined gengo 4 days ago for english to hindi pair but i am not seeing much jobs. Only 2 job is showing from last two days.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @rksharma,

    As Kevan explained, jobs are made available to translators as soon as the customer places an order. Because of this, job volume tends to fluctuate throughout the month, and also depending on the day of the week, and even time of the day. It is very possible that customers are not very active in your language pair during the weekends.

    Please also bear in mind that English to Hindi is a language pair that we've opened very recently (only a few months ago) and we're hard at work to make it grow :)


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    I've been working in the English to German language pair for a month now, and while there are usually several jobs per day, I've noticed that weekends are indeed slow and sometimes I won't see any job on a weekend at all, even on the Saturday. I assume this is because the office clerks working for the corporate customers who submit texts (in my case, mostly internet advertising, game / app UI strings, or customer support emails) to be translated will get the weekend off in North America.

    It's also really obvious when office hours end in North America - after that, almost all the English texts to be translated into German drop sharply in quality (grammar, sentence structure, strange word choices), presumably because the customers writing and submitting the texts are not very good English speakers, or in some cases, obviously used automatic computer software to translate the text from their own language into English. Be warned that doing these jobs carries a high risk of losing you your qualification at Gengo, because you'll have to do a lot of guessing about what the customer was trying to say and the customer won't be able to communicate properly in case of misunderstandings.


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