But when I look at my account for my language pair, I have

basic- passed

pro- passed

So, do I assume once there are transcription (or editing) jobs they'll just show up in their respective sections on my jobs page? Will these go as quickly as the C* jobs do (will I need to add an rss for editing as well)?

How much does editing pay?

(I know I've got 2 topics here, I had the same q's for both.)

*Customer name has been edited out due to privacy reasons. [Lara]


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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Cheryl,

    If you already have Pro qualifications, you don't need to take any further tests to access Edit jobs.
    Edit jobs will appear under their respective section on your jobs page. We can't foresee at the moment how fast they will be picked up, but we do expect translators who are online to pick them up as part of their workflow. It's always a good idea to use an RSS Feed Reader for getting notifications of available jobs.

    As for transcription jobs, while we do plan to integrate them in our system at some point in the near future, at the moment they are available as offline tasks, so you'd be notified by email by a member of our team.

    For specific rates for Edit jobs, please feel free to email support@gengo.com, as they may vary depending on your language pair :)



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    Just to inform any future applicants:

    I just got accepted as a future transcriber (about a month after sending in my transcription test text...) and the email stated that Gengo will inform me an the rest of the transcription pool about any available transcription projects per email. So that probably means these jobs still aren't being registered on the Dashboard and won't show up in the RSS feed.

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