Recently, I got a review back taking me to task for not putting spaces on either side of em dashes. This always looked wrong to me as well (and I always have to go back into the text after finishing and edit it it make it so, because Word autocorrects it). BUT: Your styleguide specifically demands that we don't separate the em dashes with spaces from the words coming before and behind!

Under the punctuation rules (not preferences) there is this exact example sentence:

"He made it his mission—his one and only mission—to tell them about what happened."


Either fix the guidelines or tell the reviewers not to dedact points from translators who go out of their way to follow them!


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    I do a lot of writing, and I'm sure I make a lot of mistakes because English-language usage seems to be a moving target, but I always use the em dash as you do (and as the style guide requires), even outside of Gengo. It seems to be the accepted usage.


    It's a crummy feeling losing points for following directions. It's happened to me as well, so I can relate. Hang in there!



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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi @Antje!

    I took the liberty of notifying the person in charge of Quality of your issue, and I've just been informed that the error has been removed from the job you mentioned. As the Style Guide indicates, and as Kevan mentions as well, we do expect our translations into American English to not separate the dashes with a space.

    In the future, if you receive a review that you don't agree with, or if you have any errors marked when you were actually following instructions (which I hope doesn't happen again!), please feel free to fill out a request for re-review here: http://bit.ly/17qwxUf

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


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