When I first started out, I didn't yet know my translation limits. As such some of my jobs had poor reviews, and others 10/10. However, since then I have completed many more translations, but none of them have been poor enough for a customer to submit it for a review. I'm very proud of the last 15/20 jobs I've done, but none of them have been reviewed and so I am stuck with a mediocre score.

Can I request that a random piece of work be reviewed?

If I can't request, roughly how often are the "random" reviews conducted because it's been at least 6 weeks since my last one.

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    Lara Fernandez

    Hi Nicola,

    My apologies for the late reply.

    The way our review system works is that every active translators gets at least one review every 3-4 weeks (the more active you are, the more possibilities you have to receive more reviews within that time frame!) The jobs to be reviewed are selected at random by our system, meaning that our LSs and Reviewers have no input in the selection process, and translators are also not allowed to request a review of a specific job.

    Additionally, if a customer rejects a job or gives it a low rating, that job will automatically flagged to be reviewed. Also, if you receive a low score on a GoCheck review, the system will trigger an additional review of a different job (at random) the next day, so that we can look at more samples of your work and better asses your overall quality.

    For further information on GoCheck reviews, you can take a look at this Support article.

    Hope this helps,


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